Dr Chris Barnard: A biography

About the heart transplant: Background and detailed info

Another medical first: 25 November 1974, Dr Chris Barnard performs the world’s first double-heart transplant

Nobel prize nominee, Dr Chris Barnard performed the world’s first human heart transplant at Cape Town’s Groote Schuur hospital on the 03 December 1967.

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Hamilton Naki: Hamilton Naki: It has been claimed that Naki assisted Professor Barnard in removing the donor’s heart during his first heart transplant, but this has been proven false. Naki was one of four highly trained technicians in the research laboratory at UCT's medical school at the time of the transplant, but he did not assist in the procedure. He did, however, assist in research. Read more...
Denise Darvall: the donor in the world’s first successful human heart transplant.
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