Albertina Sisulu 'a mother to the nation'

The 21st October 2008 marks the 90th birthday of Albertina Sisulu (maSisulu) and it is appropriate to honour this remarkable woman on her special day not only to provide a faithful account of what she has done for South Africa but also to thank her for being who she is – a mother to the nation.

MaSisulu did not achieve greatness alone; she was influenced and supported by many people who worked alongside her during the struggle. Therefore, SAHO will work to develop a full a history of the life of this great South African, as well as a history of the movements and comrades that helped build her legacies.

We invite South Africans and our friends around the world to join us in celebrating the life of this remarkable hero by sending us reminiscences of your friendship with maSisulu, or memorable encounters with this leader of the struggle for democracy in South Africa. We would like to hear how her remarkable life has inspired you, and we invite you to write messages of congratulations on this special occasion. Please post your tributes by clicking ‘contribute’.


A detailed biography on the life and times of Albertina Sisulu
...Within her extended family Albertina was the eldest of eight girls and it was her responsibility to take care of the younger girls. Even from a young age Albertina showed strong maternal instincts, and this continued throughout her life. Her leadership qualities and maternal instincts underlined the respect she earned during the struggle when she was referred to as the ‘Mother of the Nation’... more