The camapaign
The Lives of Courage Campaign was launched by SAHO in 2000 with the aim of compiling a comprehensive list (with biographical profiles) of the thousands of South Africans and international anti-apartheid activists who have played a role in our Freedom Struggle. This has been an ongoing project that has grown dramatically in the last 6 years. This archive has begun filling a gap, at the time this project was launched South Africa's new democratic government had not yet begun compiling a comprehensive list of Freedom Struggle activists and casualties... read on

Celebrate the lives
Detailed projects which focus on specific liberation struggle heroes and details on the Albert Luthuli young Historians prize. The Albert Luthuli Young Historians Prize Honouring the Memory of All. A National Oral History Project... read on

Anti-Apartheid Activists
View listing of those who died in detention, were exiled, banished or imprisoned. This project is an ongoing, please feel free to contribute information to build our heroes memorial.

Send us information, letters, photos and memories, on those you know to be heroes of the liberation struggle.