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Life timeline 1869 – 1948

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1869 - 1889

October 2, Mohandas, the youngest child of Karamchand Gandhi and Putlibai, born at Porbandar in western India.
Gandhi attended a primary school at Porbandar for one year.
Gandhi is betrothed to Kasturbai.
Joined the Branch School at Rajkot for two years. Read the play Sravana Pitrihhakti while in primary school: witnessed another play Harishchandra, also; thought, "why should not all be truthful like Harishchandra?"
January 21, Gandhi joined the City Taluka School, Rajkot.
Studied Gujarati standards III and IV till October 2, 1880.
November 18, Gandhi appeared in the entrance examination of the Kathiawar High School, Rajkot.
December 1, Gandhi enrolled in the General Register of the Kathiawar High School, Rajkot; admitted to Anglovernacular Standard I.
During the visit of Mr. Giles, Educational Inspector, ignored teacher's prompting to copy from a neighbour's slate.
Passed seven years in this school which was later known as Alfred High School.
Gandhi married Kasturbai at the age of 13.
Influenced by friends he started taking meat secretly, as it was forbidden in his family who were Vaishnavas. Soon after, he abjured meat out of his desire not to lie to his parents.
Gandhi stole coppers from his servant's pocket money for smoking, but gave up the practice. Stole a little gold from his brother's armlet to clear a debt, but felt ashamed and confessed to his father who pardoned him. From that day, Gandhi noted, "truth-telling became a passion with me".
In his sick-bed, 63-year-old Karamchand Gandhi had discussions with Parsi and Muslim friends about their faiths.
Mohandas, while nursing his father, listened to these discussions and developed toleration for all faiths.
Karamchand Gandhi's condition became grave and he began to sink fast. Late one night, shortly after Mohandas had left him, he passed away.
Passes matric and enrolls at Samaldas College at Bhavnagar 
January 1, Left High School. Joined Shamaldas College, Bhavnagar. Found studies difficult and, at the end of fist term, returned home. Family friends suggested law studies in England. Mother did not like the idea of separation. Becharji Swami, who became a Jain monk, came to his help and got him to take three solemn vows. Mohandas vowed not to touch wine, woman and meat. This done, his mother gave her permission.
Eldest son, Harilal, born. Mohandas started with his brother for Bombay, leaving his wife and child. Orthodox class disapproved his going abroad but he refused to listen.
September 4, With help and permission of brother, Mohandas sailed from Bombay by S. S. Clyde.
October 27, He Reached Southampton.
October 28,He Reached London.
November 6, Admitted to the Inner Temple.
Arranged to stay as a lodger in an Anglo-Indian family in Western Kensington.
November 9, Wrote letter to brother: "...In spite of cold I have no need of meat or liquor which fills my heart with joy and thankfulness." Food given to him did not suit him but he put up with all this. Started reading newspapers and began to take keen interest in current events.
Found a vegetarian restaurant in Farringdon Street and had a hearty meal. Read Salt's hook on vegetarianism and was very much impressed.
Kept account of every farthing spent. Decided to reduce cost of living by half. Lived by himself instead of with a family. Walked eight to ten miles a day to save fare. Read books on simple living and began cooking breakfast. Lived on 1s. 3d. a day.