Christopher W. M. Gell
1917 - 1958

Names: Christopher W. M. Gell
Date of Birth: 1917
Date of Death: 1958
Place of Birth: Edinburgh, Scotland,
Place of Death:  
Gender: Male
In Summary: Journalist

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His/Her Life :
Christopher Gell was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1917. One of the most respected White champions of the African cause, while serving in the Indian civil service, he was stricken with polio. He later moved to South Africa, living first in Rustenburg and later in Port Elizabeth. Although totally paralyzed and confined most of the time to an iron lung, he became an authority on racial policies, particularly the Group Areas Act. He met regularly with African, Coloured, and Indian friends of differing outlooks and was influential as an independent-minded and penetrating analyst of opposition tactics. He used his journalistic skills to fight race discrimination, contributing to Indian Opinion. Africa X-Ray, and many other publications. African National Congress (ANC) volunteers carried the coffin at his funeral in 1958.

  Sources for this biography
Gerhart G.M and Karis T. (ed)(1977)





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