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Letter from Paul R. Mosaka, Newly-elected Member of the Natives' Representative Council, to Dr. A.B. Xuma, November 11, 1942

Stand 1515 Orlando Township,


11th November, 1942.

Dr. A. B. Xuma, M.D.;

President African National Congress,

Toby Street,



Dear Sir,

You will have received by now news of my success in the Native Representative Council. That success, though it is the cause for some jubilation, is certainly not the source for self-elatedness on my part. In seeking the "Honour" of the Native Representative Council I have sought to place myself at your service and at the service of the African people generally.

Unfortunately I have cause to think that during these elections, notwithstanding your promise to me, you have denied me the encouragement and support which had I received I would much have valued. There are no doubt personal and cogent reasons for your attitude towards me.

You as President of the African National Congress whose paramount interest is the welfare of the African people will no doubt realise that much as you wished otherwise, I have been elected to serve that same people and in order that I might be an instrument in your hands for the furtherance of the cause which is as much yours as mine. For that reason I should like to assure you of my willingness to receive your advice and assistance and indeed to act on the instructions of your Congress so that at all times I act as one who enjoys the confidence of his people and the backing of the one and only organisation that can serve and save the African people, the African National Congress.

198You need no further assurance from me of my good-will towards you and of my readiness to place the interests of my people above matters of personal and selfish gain than this request for free and helpful cooperation.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Paul R. Mosaka