2007 marks the 30th Anniversary since SASO was banned.

> The History of SASO

> A timeline of events (SASO-SASCO)

> List of SASO leaders


> The formation of AZASO, SANSCO and SASCO

> Student Politics in the era of Democracy (SASCO)

> Newspaper Article: Student politics under Apartheid (AZASO-SASCO)

> Outside link to DISA archive: AZASO LOOKS AT STUDENT HISTORY

Key Players:

> Steve Biko
> Ben Ngubane (contribute bio)
> Aubrey Mokoape (contribute bio)
> Themba Sono
> Onkgopotse Tiro
> Joe Phaala (contribute bio)
> Tom Nkoane
(contribute bio)
> Ric Turner

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Please note: The SA Student organisation (SASO) was formed under the leadership of Steve Bantu Biko in 1968. The organisation was banned in 1977. This led to the formation of AZASO under the leadership of Tom Nkoane. AZASO became SANSCO in 1986, and later merged with NUSAS to form SASCO.
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