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| 2002 |

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2002 April    
First three Boeremag members arrested, including kingpin Michael du Toit. Coup plan Document 12 revealed.

2002 August    
Seven more Boeremag members arrested and charged.

2002 September    
News of police infiltration surfaces. Many members surrender and inform on colleagues. Six more members arrested and charged.

2002 15 September    
Truck belonging to Lets Pretorius found in Linchburg with weapons and other suppliers. Pretorius arrested and charged.

2002 20 September    
Dirk Hanekom and Henk van Zyl arrested in Memel. Only Hanekom is charged.

2002 October    
Group of members goes into hiding and plans bomb attacks for the end of the month.

2002 30 October    
Bombings in Soweto and Bronkhorstspruit

2002 4 November    
Alleged Boeremag leader Tom Vorster arrested in Pretoria.

2002 22 November    
Grand Central Airport bombed.

2002 28 November    
MC Mitchell's Bridge on border of KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape bombed.


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