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South Africa and the Olympic Games
What is today referred to as the “Ancient Olympic Games”, was a sports festival celebrated in honour of the Greek god Zeus in the town of Olympia. As far as could be established by modern archaeologist this festival lasted from some time before 776 B.C. to 393 A.D.

During the 19th century the idea of reviving the Olympic Games was mooted by several people.  It was, though, only when the French aristocrat Pierre de Coubertin arrived on the scene ...read on


Bonani Africa 2010 Festival of Photography
Documentary photography in Africa is alive and kicking...

The euphoria of the 2010 Fifa World Cup has engulfed South Africa with the country uniting behind its national flag. With World Cup fever rising, the country has adopted ‘a new national symbol’ – the noisy vuvuzela. However, it is the country’s social documentary photographers who, as usual, have added a sobering picture of our world ...read on