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The Ndebele in history

> Early history of the Ndebele
> Origins of the name "Ndebele"
> A brief history of polygamy in southern Africa
> The ZAR War against the Ndzundza Ndebele
> Msiza settlement at Hartbeesfontein
> Msiza family make-up at Hartbeesfontein
> The resettlement of the Msiza at Odi


Ndebele architecture and settlement patterns

> Glossary of Ndebele building terms
> Dwelling forms
> Settlement patterns


The role of gender in Ndebele architecture

> Gender roles in Ndebele home-making
> Gender spaces in Ndebele homestead planning
> Gender elements of Ndebele settlement
> The roles of decoration in Ndebele society


The influence of apartheid

> The Ndebele and the Apartheid state

> Social and economic changes at KwaMsiza

> The Msiza and Bophuthatswana

> KwaMsiza and the post-apartheid era




Project researched and prepared by Franco Frescura.