Zimbabwe Elections In Photos

On March 29th 2008, Zimbabweans went out to vote, they voted for change. A month after they voted, they are back where they started. Instead of the change, opposition and civil society offices have been raided and opposition supporters tortured and murdered. The responsible parties are, the ZANU PF, the military and police, who apparently constitute less than 3% of the population.

There was a two-week delay in the releasing of the March election results. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission finally announced the long-awaited results of the presidential poll, on 2 May 2008. MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai had defeated Robert Mugabe. But the disputed figures released by ZEC showed that Tsvangirai won by 47.9 percent to Mugabe's 43.2 percent, which forces a second round. Former Finance Minister Simba Makoni came third with 8.3 percent.

Run-off elections are mandatory under Zimbabwean law if neither candidate gets 50 percent plus one vote in the elections. The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has refused to agree to a second round of voting, claiming its candidate already has enough votes to replace Robert Mugabe.

According to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, President Robert Mugabe will win re-election by default if opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai declines to participate in a runoff.

The Rhodes University students have captured the essence of the Zimbabwe elections in awonderful photo-newsletter entitled Zimbabwe Elections In Photos.

Below is the sequence of pdf slides. of the photo-newletter.

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