Amersfoort Legacy - Timeline

± 1000 BCE (Pre-colonial)

Late Stone Age people (San/Tsam//Xam) teach their children how to hunt and gather food, skin animals, prepare and cook food and also how make and use stone tools.
± 1500 (Pre-colonial)
Khoi (Gorachoqua, Goringhaiqua & Goringhaicona) teach their children similar skills, but also how to look after animals and how to gather seafood from the beach.
First white settlers arrive at the Cape, Jan van Riebeeck is among the Dutch settlers as they encounter a number of different groups of black people who are occupying the land.
1658 (28 March)
170 slaves arrive at the Cape in the Dutch ship The Amersfoort. They are the first shipment of slaves in the colony.
1658 (17 April)
The first formal school in South Africa is opened by the Dutch East India Company. It is specifically intended for the slaves from The Amersfoort. Pieter van der Stael teaches the class.
A second school opens for children of the colonists. The class comprises 12 white colonist children, 4 young slaves and 1 Khoikhoi child. A church clerk named Ernestus Back teaches them. 
A colonial decree requires compulsory school attendance from all slave children under 12 years of age. Older slave children have to attend school twice a week. Both settlers and slaves ignore this and some slaves even hide in mountain caves on one occasion to avoid going to school.
A separate school starts, exclusively for slave children under 12. The boys' teacher is Jan Pasqual and a freed slave, Margaret, teaches the girls. Some slaves are selected to learn skilled trades. The 1663 school continues but is reserved for non-slave children and offspring of colonists.